Our core business is all about you.

Why you should choose us:

Our team has experience on both sides; as an employee, working for a company in a foreign country and also leading a company and employing other people.

That’s why we understand the needs of both worlds and are the right company for you.

What we do offer, that others don’t:

  • support for German classes up to level B2
  • support with the embassy
  • support moving to Germany
  • support in family matters
  • support even after employment
  • (and of course: support for your CV, job interviews etc.)

You are the center of our attention, not the employer – we will find the right job for you and do not try to fit you in a job description!!!

Application process

We have prepared a step by step guide through our system that will take you to your new job and a better life.

Follow this link and walk with us on your new journey!


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Requested positions

Take a look at what kind of IT specialists we are looking for.

Here is a full list, and there will be more, so stay with us!