Application Process

Here we will explain the process through steps how we will find the right IT job for you.

I. Step: Send us your application

Fill in the application form with required details about yourself, your CV and additional required files (your certificates, recommendation letter etc.)

II. Step: Evaluation of dossiers and if appropriate optimization 

We will evaluate your information. If necessary we will optimize your documents together with you. We also offer to produce application videos under certain conditions.
To get to know you better we will schedule an appointment to meet you – live or digital 😉

III. Step: Your match

We are looking for a job description that fits you. We do not receive an offer from the employer first and then look for IT specialists that fit the criteria, but wise versa.
According to your CV and your needs we will decide if our target group are small, medium or big businesses in Germany. This companies are usually:

  • Companies in the IT sector,
  • Companies who work with data (especially IT security)
  • Banks and insurances (especially IT security)
  • Companies that have an IT department

IV. Step: Your possibilities

We will discuss the different options with you.

V. Step: Job interviews

Once we found a perfect match for you, we will brief you for the job interview.

VI. Step: Employment contract

Once you and your new employer agree, we can support you with a legal check of your employment contract.

VII. Step: Your Visa

If necessary, we will support you getting a Visa.
If your are living in a non EU country you should have either three years experience OR a professional training over three years OR a college degree in IT.
If you have a college degree, please admit with the other documents.
If you did professional training, please send us the certificate.
If you do not have a college degree, please provide us with prove that you worked at least three years in the IT area within the past seven years.

VIII. Step: Relocation

We will support you to find the right platforms for a temporary or permanent home.
You will receive information of your new city from us to make your new start easier.

IX. Step: Your new job

You will get a voluntary bonus from us once we received the payment for our service from your new employer after you started your new job. You will receive details to the bonus in the v. step.
Two month after your employment you will receive a voucher (“spouce bonus”) involving your family.