Living in Germany

To live and work in Germany has several advantages. for one, Germany is leading in economics and is a global player. A high productivity and innovation combined with excellent specialists and an awesome infrastructure complete the picture.

Very good public schools, stability , safety, childcare and a good social system help families to feel welcome in Germany. Within Europe, Germany offers one of the lowest numbers of average working hours per month and thus has a great work-life balance. To even further optimize your work-life balance, a lot of employers offer home office on a regular basis. With a decent salary it is possible to become a homeowner.

And if you are homesick, you can connect with one of the many communities in Germany that will make you feel home.

Other than in some countries there are also lobbyists to represent certain groups in Germany, but there is no general corruption, that makes it impossible for you to get a certain job without payment.

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