A new life starts with one step

You know the feeling that you are not quite happy sometimes? Are you unhappy with a relationship, with your job or a little something in your life and you want to change it? Then keep on reading this article.

First of all, stop thinking of the past. No matter what happened, you can´t change it anymore. Instead: analyze your status quo and figure out what you want to change (in the future). It does not matter how big the changes are. You can reach anything! But be 100% committed to your objectives. Sometimes you just have to jump in at the deep end, sometimes you have to prepare and go forward in little steps.

Focus on the reason that makes you want to change. Self-motivation and visualization of the wanted achievement are the biggest powers one can use. Don´t start tomorrow or in a week, but start now!

And last, but not (the) least: Do not be afraid of changes! As Will Smith states in a video of him jumping off a plane “the point of maximum danger is the point of minimum fear”. A new life starts with one step…

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