10 dos and don`ts in your new job

A new job is exiting. It offers you a lot of chances to start new. Use them the best way possible:

  1. You are usually extremely motivated, once you start in a new job. But the first 30 days are necessary to adjust, to learn and to listen. It is good, if you can accomplish the one or the other thing, but keep in mind that each company is a network with its specialties. You need to understand the basics of how it works to be successful in your new job. The first impression will either help you or if it is negative, it will take a while to correct it. You are the new one. Be aware that any change tends to intimidate people. Show your coworkers that you are reliable and trustworthy. Do not answer private calls or check your Facebook account every 5 minutes.

  1. Don´t dress more formal than the management or your superior. Try to adjust to the company that you work for. In a startup you can expect a more casual dress code than in an insurance company.

  1. Give your best but also accept that you are only a human and – especially with the tension of the new job – can make a mistake. No one is born a master. If you are less tensed, you will do a better job and be less likely to make a mistake…

  1. You will introduce yourself most likely on your first day. Make it less about you but more about what motivated you to join the new team. A little debut with muffins will give you a good first impression. Sugar makes happy 😉 Try to learn the management names and – if possible, your team members names – by the pictures you´ll find on the company website.

  1. Listen more than you talk at the beginning. Use the intranet if possible, to get the basic information’s.

  1. Define the areas of your responsibility with your superior.

  1. Be on time and be reliable and thank your colleagues at the end of work.

  1. Your probation is a test for you and your employer. It is a positive sign for your employer if you ask after midterm, if he or she is happy with your operations and results.

  1. No one likes a snitch. Talk open to your colleagues, if something needs to be improved. Be considerate and a team player.

  1. Be engaged and think outside the box, once you have settled in the job and show your skills to your superior. Never make him or your colleagues look bad.

Use the chance that every new job offers you! Be open and friendly and life (and work) will treat you the same!

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