10 Dos and don`ts in your job interview

Job interviews are stressful for the applicants. The following tips will help you to stay calm. 😉

1. Be well prepared for the interview. Learn something about the company’s philosophy, think what you can do to improve the company. Remember the name of the person who has the interview with you.

2. Be on time!

3. Ask questions about the company, the open position and the team.

4. Do not criticize your former employer or blab about inside information of your former job. Only mention the necessary statements about your former employer.

5. Know your personal success, strength and weaknesses and your motivation and verify them with examples.

6. You should not ask for the salary in the first interview if you are not asked.

7. If you have occasional jobs or deficiencies in your CV, be able to explain them with positive details.

8. Adapt to your interview partner. An HR manager will ask different questions from the IT manager.

9. You might be nervous in the interview. Structure your interview in education, internships, focus of former activities, motivation, personality.

10. Be well prepared and keep a positive attitude to be calm and relaxed in your interview. 😉

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