10 dos and don`ts in your job application

Your job application is the first thing your future employer will see from you. There is no second chance for a first impression. Follow the instructions and you will be fine. 😉

The HR Manager spends usually not more than 5 minutes with your application. Make these five minutes count.

  1. Three out of four HR managers prefer online applications, thus: apply online.

  1. Use a serious E-Mail address and not a funny one that you once created for your girlfriend, no “69TheRealShit@gmail.com”. Use the following: firstname.lastname@provider.com

  1. Use a signature in your Email, stating name, address, phone number and E-Mail address.

  1. The HR manager will look for the formal criteria’s that are stated here and for keywords. Keywords are job title, professional experience, academic degree and soft skills. Extra hint: Use the job title of the job advertisement to show that the CV is made for this particular job.

  1. Dates are used in this format: MM/YYYY – MM/YYYY. Name your position first, then the name of your employer. The job description should be sound and also relevant for the job you are applying for.

  1. Be honest in your CV. It is an official document and false statement might lead to termination or in the worst case to claims for compensation.

  1. Your CV has to be complete. Loopholes might cause suspicion that you have something to hide.

  1. Combine your certificates to ONE PDF.

  1. Sign your CV and insert date and place.

  1. Stand out in your application. Remember: You only have a maximum of five minutes to impress the HR manager.

Read your CV and your motivation letter carefully and give it to a third person to check it over again. You would not believe how many applications contain lots of mistakes. If you want to work with us, we will happily give you further support.

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